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Fantasy Hipsters: Avoid DeSean Jackson in Week 15

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Week 15 is already in the past for and the Seahawks, but the cornerback is still feeling the repercussions for his actions in Week 14.

There is an interesting debate in personnel circles about the top wide receiver in college football. The two names mentioned: (Washington) and (Clemson). I’ve had the opportunity to see both guys play live this fall and study their games on tape. Both guys have unique skill sets and cheap jerseys and project like future No. 1 receivers at the next level. Here’s the case for each guy to be considered the best at the position.

NFL scouts are strongly encouraged to make multiple visits to their assigned schools to see if top prospects have improved or regressed throughout the season. These re-checks allow scouts to tweak their opinions before submitting their final reports at draft meetings.

With that in mind, I thought it was the right time to look at an early season quote regarding the potential 2017 quarterback class to see if it still holds true. Early in the season, I had a high-ranking executive tell me that he didn’t see a franchise quarterback in the class and that teams in need of a field general would have to cast their lot with a developmental QB.

Seattle’s defense has been very average this season, ranking 14th in fantasy points after putting up a minus-three point stinker in a blowout loss to the Packers, I think this unit will rebound, though, as rookie Jared Goff and the Rams come to town on a short week. I’d be surprised if the Seahawks didn’t have double-digit points.

Ertz has been on fire in recent weeks, scoring nine-plus fantasy points four of his last six games including two straight double-digit performances. This week’s matchup against the Ravens is awful on paper, but Baltimore hasn’t faced a lot of elite players at the position. Ertz might not be elite, but he’s still good enough to start.

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“He just did his thing quietly,” Norman said of Smith. “I’ve got a different outlook. … You guys know me better than, I think, anyone else and you should know how this is going to go down.”

Norman has openly blamed Panthers general manager for lifting his franchise tag last spring, wondering out loud if his release had something to do with his colorful personality, saying: “How I am probably don’t suit some people in that atmosphere. But it’s cool.”

There’s ample time ahead for that level of unbridled joy. Let’s spend today meditating on the big picture: an image that begins with the Dallas Cowboys and pans out to include a host of NFC challengers.

But how many of these challengers can be taken seriously? Which of these teams are built for a long playoff run? And which club is bound to be picked off when it matters most?

As a lover of fine literature and the tales a great storyteller, there’s nothing I love more than a good narrative-based play coming through. Last week’s installment in the DeSean Jackson revenge narrative played out to perfection, as the former Eagles receiver took an 80-yard catch to the house. Jackson knows he’s better than everyone around him, as he showed up the competition by strutting into the end zone after reaching top speed on his score. Nothing wrong with that, if you ask me. When I can identify the best local IPA on the rotating tap at The Gulp, you better believe I let everyone know.

The Lions can win their first division title in a quarter century Sunday if they defeat the Giants and get a Packers loss or tie. They can also tie against the Giants and still win the division if the Packers and Vikings both lose. It would cap a stunning turnaround for a team widely believed to be in rebuilding mode. The Giants, meanwhile, can clinch a playoff berth — their first since 2011 — with a win, a Redskins loss, a Vikings loss or tie and a Packers loss or tie. They can also keep their slim hopes of winning the division alive.

But some Lions players cannot remember this time because they were not born yet. Here is a list of Detroit players that were not alive the last time their team clinched a division title (back when it was the NFC Central) and a list of players who were not alive the last time they won a playoff game just to remind you that time is more than just a flat circle.

The Seahawks were searching for a general manager to replace Tim Ruskell, who’d resigned during the season, and Schneider, who’d spent a season as Seattle’s director of player personnel at the start of the decade, had been identified as one of the candidates. In preparation for his impending interview, scheduled to take place following the Packers’ first-round playoff game at Arizona two days later, he’d put together a large binder outlining his managerial plans and philosophy, including a sizeable section detailing his list of preferred head-coaching candidates, should an opening arise.

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