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2017 NFL free agency: Needs for each AFC team

NFL free agency opens at 4 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 9. So, with the frenzy right around the corner, and Cheap jerseys and have combined forces (and their own personal rankings) to come up with NFL.com’s Top 101 Free Agents. These are the best players — across all positions — on the open market in 2017.

We’ll continue to update our Top 101 Free Agents below, removing the listed players who are signed and adding certain guys who get released. The rankings are based on answering one simple question: Which player would we want to sign most?

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Power player with outstanding technical skills. jersey is one of the few edge blockers in the class capable of moving defenders off the ball while also flashing enough athleticism to climb to the second level. He exhibits outstanding balance and body control in the running game, which allows him to sustain and finish his blocks on defenders down the field. In pass pro, is a polished technician with quick feet and a strong punch. He quickly controls pass rushers off the edge with a short set and solid anchor. In addition, he shows excellent awareness picking up stunts and games off the edge. Considering how well takes care of business as a run and pass blocker, it is easy to envision him as a franchise tackle in the NFL.

Athletic interior blocker with quick feet and outstanding body control. Feeney excels in a movement scheme that allows him to pull or trap to lead the running back around the corner on sweeps. In addition, he is capable of getting to the second level to seal off linebackers on zone-based plays. In pass protection, Feeney works his hands and feet in unison to neutralize defenders at the line. He flashes a strong anchor against power maneuvers. With the majority of teams employing versions of a zone-based blocking scheme these days, Feeney should carry a nice grade on most boards.

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The Jaguars don’t believe they need a quarterback, a stance which got Gus Bradley fired in December. If Blake Bortles’ mechanics don’t drastically improve, more jobs will be on the line this season. Chad Henne is not an adequate insurance policy. If he was, he would have sent Bortles to the bench by last November. After cutting bait on Julius Thomas, the Jags could use a pass-catching threat at tight end. As promising as Jalen Ramsey’s rookie season was, depth is an issue at cornerback with Davon House and Prince Amukamara on their way out the door.

Impressive playoff push aside, is closing in on age 40. With failed first-round pick Jarvis Jones walking out the door, the Steelers will be in the market for an edge rusher opposite Bud Dupree. Similarly, Senquez Golson’s injuries have opened the door for a cornerback addition. Between Le’Veon Bell’s franchise tag and DeAngelo Williams’ free agency, the backfield must be bolstered in the coming months.

The Titans boast a promising young nucleus, but need impact players at cornerback as well as safety. They also are expected to be active in free agency at wide receiver, targeting a bigger downfield threat, such as , to complement the underneath options already on the roster.

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